The OAPC is working to keep paramedics and the public protected during COVID-19. Click here for more information.

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  • Don’t wait till it’s too late: Emergency care in the time of COVID

    COVID-19 may have some people hesitating to seek medical attention when they need it. It is important to know that 911 services, paramedics and Emergency Departments are continuing to respond to medical emergencies. And if you need medical care, it is critical that you do not wait to seek help. When you need emergency care If you have the following symptoms, it’s important to seek care immediately, whether by calling 911 or getting to an Emergency Department on your own:......

  • COVID-19 microbe
    Paramedics on the frontline of COVID-19

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario’s dedicated paramedics are on the frontlines. We know every call is a risk. The OAPC is working to keep paramedics in the field protected. We are collaborating with other healthcare professionals, reaching out to our government partners and making sure our members have the most up-to-date information, tools and resources they need to stay safe and healthy as they answer every call. Here are some of the ways we are working and engaged: Sit at......

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Origin of the OAPC

The Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs (OAPC) was formed to allow members of the EMS/Paramedic industry to come together to develop common strategies for optimizing the transition to municipal control of ambulance service within the province.

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The OAPC has an organizational process that features six committees (groups) that oversee a number of working sub-committees, feeding information and recommendations to the Board.  The core areas are:  Strategic Analysis, Operations, Performance Standards, Professional Standards, Education & Research and Public Relations & Image Building.

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Job Postings

Looking for an opportunity to acquire employment with a paramedic service or to advance your career? Consider employment opportunities with the EMS / Paramedic team.

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After forty years in the vehicle industry, Crestline has firmly established itself as; a reliable manufacturer of high quality ambulances .

Demers Ambulances is one of the largest firms in North America and is the Canadian leader in ambulance design, manufacture and distribution.

Interdev is Canada’s leading provider of administrative health solutions.

ZOLL delivers technology that advances emergency care and benefits patients.