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  • Stop the Bleed Kits

    Mass Casualty Incidents (MCIs) are chaotic and put an immense toll on all emergency resources. As much as we hope for them not to happen, all emergency services must be prepared for the worst. In recent years we’ve had many learning opportunities from both large and small scale MCIs worldwide that will better the effectiveness of emergency services and ultimately the outcome of patients in future events. One lesson learned specifically in Los Vegas (2017), was how greatly bystanders could......

  • Helicopter Landing Zone Safety

    Ornge, Ontario’s provider of air ambulance and related services, recently launched a new landing zone safety video for first responders and healthcare providers in Ontario. The video was created to ensure the safety of first responders, crew, patients and the public when interacting with an Ornge helicopter. The video highlights: How first responders and healthcare providers can prepare themselves for an Ornge helicopter landing and departure; Choosing, preparing and securing a suitable landing site; Expectations for helicopter arrival and departure;......

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Origin of the OAPC

The Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs (OAPC) was formed to allow members of the EMS/Paramedic industry to come together to develop common strategies for optimizing the transition to municipal control of ambulance service within the province.

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The OAPC has an organizational process that features six committees (groups) that oversee a number of working sub-committees, feeding information and recommendations to the Board.  The core areas are:  Strategic Analysis, Operations, Performance Standards, Professional Standards, Education & Research and Public Relations & Image Building.

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Job Postings

Looking for an opportunity to acquire employment with a paramedic service or to advance your career? Consider employment opportunities with the EMS / Paramedic team.

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After forty years in the vehicle industry, Crestline has firmly established itself as; a reliable manufacturer of high quality ambulances .

Demers Ambulances is one of the largest firms in North America and is the Canadian leader in ambulance design, manufacture and distribution.

Interdev is Canada’s leading provider of administrative health solutions.

ZOLL delivers technology that advances emergency care and benefits patients.