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Trillium Gift of Life Network (TGLN)

In May of this year, Prescott and Russell Paramedic Service entered into a pilot project with Trillium Gift of Life Network (TGLN) to help them identify potential donors. The pilot is simple and very effective. After a cardiac arrest call, be it a code 5 patient or a patient that was unsuccessfully treated, paramedics only need to confirm that the patient meets 2 criteria (<76 years old and last seen alive <12 hours).  Afterwards, they contact the TGLN call center and...

Fall Conference and AGM

The OAPC is pleased to be hosting the 2017 Fall Conference and AGM in beautiful downtown Ottawa.  Visit OAPC 2017 for the latest news and make sure to visit OAPC 2017 from your smart phone to download our web app. We are looking forward to seeing you in Ottawa....

Save the Date – Fall Conference and AGM
The 2017 OAPC Fall Conference and AGM will be held in Ottawa on September 26-28, 2017.  This will be an amazing conference held in our nation's capital on Canada's 150th anniversary.  Make sure you mark these date on your calendar.