WHEREAS it is deemed in the best interests of the Association to repeal the Constitution, By-law No. 1, and all other by-laws of the Association (the “Current Governing Documents”), and to replace them with By-law No. 2, which has been submitted to this meeting (“By-law No. 2”), with such repeal and enactment to take effect as of 11:59 PM on the day immediately before the date that the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010, S.O. 2010, c. 15 is proclaimed into force (the “Effective Date”);

AND WHEREAS the directors of the Association have passed resolutions approving the repeal of the Current Governing Documents and the enactment of By-law No. 2 as of the Effective Date;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED AS A SPECIAL RESOLUTION OF THE MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATION THAT as of the Effective Date, the Current Governance Documents shall be repealed in their entirety and By-law No. 2 shall be enacted to replace them.


Copy of By-law No. 2 can be found here: OAPC – By-law No. 2 – FINAL