Job Listing | Full-time Paramedic (2 positions)

Salary Range: 36.50 to 37.15 per hour
Location: Beausoleil First Nation, ON Organization: Beausoleil Paramedic Service

Job Type: Full-time
Expiration Date: October 17, 2019
Classification: Union

Job Description

Reporting to the Paramedic Chief or Designate; the paramedic is responsible for providing pre-hospital medical care and treatment of the sick and/or injured, and transportation to the closest most appropriate destination. The paramedic is expected to comply with the current Ambulance Act, BLS Patient Standards, ALS Patient Care Standards, Transportation Standards, Documentation Standards, Communicable Disease Standards, Regional Base Hospital Program medical directives and policies, the Highway Traffic Act, and other applicable legislation, policies and agreements.

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Qualified to work as a Paramedic in Ontario as defined by the Ambulance Act, Regulation 257/00; AEMCA; Class F Driver’s License or equivalent to drive an ambulance; Has not been convicted of a crime of moral turpitude for which you have not been pardoned;

Where To Apply

Please forward a resume, and a copy of AEMCA, Immunization, Core Ministry Competencies, Paramedic Diploma, Vulnerable Criminal Record Search, Driver’s Licence Abstract, valid CPR Certification, and FN Status to the Beausoleil Human Resource Department, attention to Virginia Sandy ( or mail to Beausoleil First Nation, c/o Virginia Sandy, 11 O’Gemaa Miikan, Christian Island, ON, L9M 0A9. Please provide three (3) professional references.