Job Listing | Commander Professional Standards

Salary Range: $109,600.40 - $128,765.00 / Year
Location: City of Toronto, ON Organization: Toronto Paramedic Services

Job Type: Full-time
Expiration Date: April 15, 2019
Classification: Non-union

Job Description

Reporting to the Toronto Paramedic Services' Deputy Chief, Program Development and Service Quality, and as a member of the Management Team of Toronto Paramedic Services, the primary functions of the Commander, Professional Standards, include, but are not limited to, the following: • Manages the investigation of all public complaints and major complaints, including the investigation of circumstances, customer contact and satisfaction, evidence development, and court/inquest services. Where necessary, directly conducts investigations such as high-risk or high profile matters. Involves other operational areas of the Division in investigations as appropriate. • Plans and manages all patient records services, including records retention and retrieval, and management of legally mandated releases of information such as through Freedom of Information Requests, Coroner's orders and subpoenas and assumes responsibilities as the Access Liaison Officer for the Division to coordinate Freedom of Information requests with Corporate Information Management Services. • Assumes responsibility for Divisional Information Management to align Paramedic Services' information policies and practices with the City's expectations and coordinates the Annual Information Management Plan and addresses internal information management needs. Works with Divisional Staff to identify and prepare data for release through the City's Open Government website ensuring appropriate authorizations have been secured. • Assumes prime responsibility for maintaining Toronto Paramedic Services' accreditation with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC). The Commander is responsible for interpreting the legislative requirements, developing strategies for maintenance of certification and team leading Toronto Paramedic Services' compliance process during the MOHLTC reviews. Continuously develops the compliance process to meet constantly evolving accreditation criteria. Responsible for evaluating continuous compliance and reporting deficiencies and weaknesses to the Management Team prior to the formal MOHLTC review process. • Identifies trends in quality issues within Toronto Paramedic Services' and develops targeted quality improvement programs to respond to these needs. • Designs, develops and implements quality management programs for Toronto Paramedic Services in cooperation with internal and external stakeholders and the Toronto Paramedic Services' documentation Quality Assurance Program. • Manages long-term and incident-related divisional and corporate liability risks in cooperation with City Legal and other stakeholders. • Participates in the development of both short and long-term operational plans for the Unit, revising the Unit's operational strategies to meet the changing needs of Toronto Paramedic Services. • Develops annual Professional Standards' budget for submission to the Deputy Chief, Program Development and Service Quality. Monitors and approves expenditures to keep within the established budget in all regards. • Develops and implements performance requirements for all management staff within the Unit in keeping with the strategic objectives of the Division. • Maintains an extensive knowledge of technical information including: applicable legislation, safety standards and procedures, regulations; techniques, current medical and emergency response procedures, including ambulance equipment specifications; medical standards and requirements; financial systems and processes. • Maintains cooperative linkages with and representation to members of the media, Ministry of Health, the Coroner, Police, the Special Investigations Unit, the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, the Base Hospital, Provincial Court, local agencies and community groups, etc., to address and respond to Toronto Paramedic Services issues, concerns and requirements. • Manages the day-to-day operation of all assigned staff, including the scheduling, assigning and reviewing of work. Authorizes and controls vacation and overtime requests. Monitors and evaluates staff performance and approves salary increments. Handles day-to-day labour relations matters including the hearing of grievances and the imposition of discipline as required. • Motivates and trains the Unit's staff in best practice techniques and procedures, ensuring effective teamwork, high standards of work quality and organizational performance, continuous learning and encourages innovation in others. • Helps ensure excellent customer service by reviewing and amending, if applicable, divisional and City customer service procedures and initiatives. Evaluates community satisfaction with divisional service via on-line information surveys. Complies with divisional and City complaint-reporting requirements. • Facilitates the exchange of applicable records, regarding quality assurance and research projects, with the Sunnybrook Centre for Prehospital Medicine.

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1. Knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of high performance Paramedic systems and Dispatch operations. 2. Considerable management experience in a large health care or public safety organization, including the management of staff, providing input into or preparing budgets, presentations and report writing, and project management. 3. Experience operating as a fully accountable program leader and as a member of the management team. 4. Excellent knowledge of ambulance and related legislation, industry best practices, policies, programs, planning and processes. 5. Considerable experience in handling sensitive public, media and/or labour relations matters. 6. You are an effective decision maker with a track record demonstrating results-oriented leadership, the ability to promote and foster teamwork, and to establish and operate in an environment which provides the capacity for excellence. 7. Thorough understanding of ambulance service operations and related issues and have demonstrated the ability to communicate and represent the division professionally with the Ministry of Health, Base Hospital, Fire Services, the Coroner, Police, Provincial Court, Allied Agencies, Corporate Divisions, community groups and other stakeholders. 8. Proficient in various competencies that include highly developed human relations skills, with the ability to communicate, negotiate and develop solid internal and external relationships, and strong analytical and conflict resolution skills. 9. Familiarity with relevant employment legislation, including Occupational Health & Safety legislation. 10. Preference may be given to applicants who, as well as the above, also have experience in a paramedic and/or dispatch organization. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: The City of Toronto is committed to fostering an inclusive, accessible environment where all employees and members of the public feel valued, respected and supported. We are dedicated to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of the public and the communities in which we live and serve. Accommodation: If you are an individual who requires accommodation to apply to this position, due to disability under the Ontario Human Rights Code, please email us at, quoting job ID #2322341 and the job title. The City is committed to providing Code-protected accommodation throughout its hiring process. Please visit Hiring Policies and Statements for further details. Qualified List Information: • A list of qualified candidates will be established for the Commander Professional Standards position in the Toronto Paramedic Services Division and will be in effect for one year from the date the list is created. Qualified candidates on the list may be considered when filling future permanent and/or temporary vacancies in this position Notes: • Applicants are required to demonstrate in their application/resume that their qualifications match those specified in the job posting. Additional information submitted after the job posting closing date will not be accepted • Assessment may include an interview, written and/or practical test. Location of assessment to be determined • Information in preparing for City job competitions is available on the Job Opportunities website • Please note: Salary reflects 2018 rates

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