Job Listing | Part-Time Shift Superintendent - Peterborough

Salary Range: $38.90-$48.63/hour
Location: Peterborough, ON Organization: Peterborough County/City Paramedics

Job Type: Part-time
Expiration Date: July 13, 2017
Classification: Union

Job Description

The Part-time Shift Superintendent position provides backfill coverage when the full time Shift Superintendents are unable to cover due to vacation, illness, training, etc., and provides coverage at other times to address additional operational requirements. For scheduling purposes, Part-time Shift Superintendents are required to submit and maintain a minimal availability at all times (12 shifts per month), with special attention during the summer months to meet vacation backfill requirements and increased operational requirements during peak season. The Part-time Shift Superintendent is a certified paramedic and maintains full PCP or ACP certification. This position reports to the Deputy Chief of Operations

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The ideal candidate for this position will possess and demonstrate leadership attributes and behaviors consistent with PCCP values and expectations that our number one focus remainspatient care and the well-being of teammembers and the community. As a member of our dynamic management team you will model productive and positive work attitude and behaviors that provide powerfulmotivation for colleagues and teammembers around expectations and organizational culture.

Where To Apply

To Human Resources, County of Peterborough via email only at