Job Listing | York Region - Logistic Analyst - Inventory & Equipment

Salary Range: $36.14-$39.19 per hour / 35 hours per week
Location: York, ON Organization: Region of York

Job Type: Full-time
Expiration Date: January 15, 2018
Classification: Union

Job Description

Reporting to the Superintendent, Supplies and Equipment, is responsible for providing inventory and asset management support for Paramedic Services in regards to medical supplies, equipment and uniforms. This role will conduct analysis on inventory and equipment operations; monitor and report on inventory and equipment performance including preventative maintenance and repairs; vendor management; development of processes; assist with specification development for procurement administration; contract administration; assist with budget planning; project management such as new equipment roll-out; assist with research and testing of new products and equipment; perform audits on inventory and equipment compliance with all legislation and policies; complete commissioning and decommissioning of equipment in a cost effective and responsible manner and providing quality customer service for internal and external customers.

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