Job Listing | York Region - Logistics Analyst - Paramedic Services Fleet

Salary Range: $36.14-$39.19 per hour / 35 hours per week
Location: York, ON Organization: York Region

Job Type: Full-time
Expiration Date: January 15, 2018
Classification: Union

Job Description

eporting to the Commander, Fleet & Facilities, is responsible for fleet inventory and asset management support for Paramedic Services ambulance and emergency response fleet. The role will conduct analysis on fleet and fleet inventory operations; monitor and report on fleet performance including preventative maintenance and repairs; vendor management; development of processes; assist with specification development for procurement administration; contract administration; assist with budget planning; project management such as roll-out of fleet greening intiatives and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recalls; assist with research and testing of new products and equipment; perform audits on fleet assets and compliance with all legislation and policies; complete commissioning and decommissioning of vehicles/equipment in a cost-effective and responsible manner; providing quality customer service for internal and external customers and co-ordinate the management of fuel.

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