PACE 2019: Fitness Competition

28 Oct PACE 2019: Fitness Competition

Submitted by:

Andrea Joyce                                                                                                               

Director of Paramedic Services

Naotkamegwanning EMS


During the third week of September, the Paramedicine Across Canada Expo was held at the RBC convention Center in Winnipeg. As we know, maintaining a certain fitness level in this profession is vital. And it’s why we were so excited that this year, on September 19th, they held their inaugural fitness competition.

The event lasted six hours and was split into two categories: Novice and expert. Only the amount of weight lifted in each exercise separated the two categories. Otherwise, all contestants were put through the same strenuous circuits. Each team was required to have one male and one female paramedic member. They ALL put their strength, stamina and determination to the test during the four circuits of the CrossFit style event.

Event #1: Ski/DB Ladder….15-minute event

Circuit>20 calorie Ski-Erg>40 Dumbbell Box step over>20 calorie Ski-Erg>40 Alternating Dumbbell snatch>20 calorie Ski-Erg>40 Dumbbell Facing Burpees>burn as many calories as possible on the Ski-Erg for the remainder of the 15 minutes

Event #2: “S.O.B”- Farmer Carry/Overhead Squat….11 min Event Cap

15 Synchronized Plate Burpees>>>

10 rounds of weighted trauma bag carry with additional dumbbell weight carried over a distance. In the meantime, the other partner competes as many Overhead squats as possible unit the first partner crosses the finish line>>>

15 synchronized Plate burpees

Event # 3: Ambulance push…for time

Both members pushed a fully loaded ambulance and 1 “driver” 50 meters as quickly as possible

Event #4: “check wellbeing” – Backboard Carry Relay: as many rounds as possible in 14 mins

20-meter weighted (150lb mannequin) backboard carry> 24 calorie row>20-meter backboard carry> 24 sandbag over the shoulder

From here the top 4 teams in each category competed in the final

FINAL EVENT: Running/and 1 rep Max Thruster: 14 min event

First 7 minutes- timed 30meter x 20 shuttle runs and a sprint around the entire event space. The remainder of the 7 minutes was for resting before the Max Thrusters>>>

Who could complete 1 Max thruster with the greatest weight (1 rep max)


Naotkamegwanning EMS had two teams competing in the expert category representing the Service and 1 addition paramedic that was recruited while spectating the first event.


We are so very proud to announce that our teams placed first and second in the expert category.

1st Place:       PCP Nicole Edison & PCP Tyler Horton (Naotkamegwanning EMS, Ontario)

2nd Place:      PCP Alexandria Gravelle & Brodie Tansley (Naotkamegwanning EMS, Ontario)

3rd Place:       Paramedics Margaret Lister & David White (Island  EMS, Prince Edward Island)

Our Service was also valiantly represented by Nicole Smith. She was recruited while watching the first event. And although she competed hard, she was not allowed into the final event, as her team had missed the first event due to the injury that made her recruitment necessary in the first place. Regardless, we were excited to see the profession represented by so many strong and dedicated professionals. They all did their service’s proud!!

We look forward to the PACE 2021 in Saskatoon where we will valiantly defend our titles.

Consider the challenge issued…