OAPC Senate



The SENATE (introduced in 2013) is a Standing Committee of the Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs (OAPC). The Senate Mission Statement is:

The Senate will promote and support the Board of the OAPC the areas of research, education, communication, and best practices to enhance the role of emergency medical services in Ontario.


Strategic Initiatives:

  • to advance the body of knowledge of the Board by sharing historical perspective of EMS in Ontario
  • to assist the Board in initiating, facilitating, and disseminating research as well as future planning
  • to review and comment upon professional guidelines, standards, and ethics
  • to facilitate and nurture communication and activities with other associations and other related professional groups
  • to administers the annual Richard J. Armstrong Leadership Award process
  • to represent the OAPC on the provincial Paramedic Award of Bravery Committee
  • to assist with the OAPC Fall AGM/Symposium
  • to represent the OAPC from time to time as specifically requested and authorized by the Board
  • to provide the Board with insight of the perception of EMS from the at-large community and key stakeholders
  • to establish and fulfill other duties as requested by the Board


Membership Criteria Candidates shall:

  • Have been a past member of the OAPC who left in good standing
  • Meet membership requirements as per the constitution
  • Maintain current membership in an appropriate category


Composition and Length of Terms

The Senate shall consist of a maximum of nine (9) members. Appointments will be for a term of three (3) years following which there will be an annual review. All future appointments will be made to ensure a regular rotation of Senators provided sufficient applications for membership are received and approved. A Senator may serve no more than six (6) years in the Senate unless approved by the OAPC Board of Directors.


Nomination Deadline:

Nominations for the Senate may be received by the Board at any time and appointments will be made annually at the OAPC AGM.


Nomination and Selection Process (Anyone may nominate an individual(s)):

Nominations are to be completed via the online nomination form, which you can access here. Please describe the activity in detail, and include copies of news clippings, related incident reports, any awards or commendations already received for this incident. All nominations are reviewed by the OAPC Board of Directors, and only those deemed worthy of the appointment are approved. Nomination information will be sent to the current OAPC Past President and the OAPC Executive Director. If you would like to follow-up on your submission, email x.d@oapc.ca.