About the OAPC

Who we are

The Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs (OAPC) represents the Paramedic Services leadership in 52 Designated Delivery Agents (DDA), consisting of regional, county and municipal governments, and District Social Services Administration Boards (DSSABs) across Ontario.  Our members include every DDA, ORNGE and three First Nations Emergency Medical Services.


OAPC members oversee the work of 8,000 primary care and advanced care paramedics as well as 830 ambulances and 300 emergency response vehicles across the Province.  We are the leading authority for paramedicine design and delivery in Ontario.


History of EMS in Ontario

Not unlike other jurisdictions, Ontario’s ambulance services have emerged from roots embedded in both healthcare and the private sector, evolving along a somewhat convoluted path into the current municipally controlled service delivery models.

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Mission Statement

Promoting a culture of change surrounding paramedicine that is guided by evidence based decision-making and seeks best practices in the provision of service.


To be recognized as the leading authority for developing evidence based expertise in system design and delivery.

To be recognized as a trusted advocate for patients as an advisor towards the development of responsible public policy.

To recognize performance excellence and provide “best practice” management tools and resources to its members.