Durham Paramedic Services: Volunteering in the Community

15 Jan Durham Paramedic Services: Volunteering in the Community

Paramedics are found all over the world.  In Canada, they are trusted public sector workers.  The Region of Durham Paramedic Services volunteers at many public relations events throughout the year.  These events are at schools, shopping malls, community safety days and at an open house in June.  These events showcase paramedicine, with live scenarios re-enacting lifesaving skills used in an emergency.  This volunteerism demonstrates a strong commitment to the community.

The fall/winter months are a busy time for volunteering.  At Halloween, Paramedics hand out treats in the community.  To honour Remembrance Day, their volunteer Ceremonial Guard can seen at community events on November 11 and throughout the year.  Paramedics also volunteer to drive in holiday parades.

Paramedics support the United Way Campaign and purchase and wear different coloured epaulettes to raise funds and awareness.  September is pink for Breast Cancer, November is light blue for Prostate Cancer and on Friday the epaulettes are red for Wounded Warriors.

Paramedics also support “Bring Your Kids to Work Day”.  This year 90 Grade 9 students visited and assisted in a live scenario with CPR for an overdosed patient.

For updates on public relations events, please follow us on Twitter at @durhamparamedic.  If you would like us to attend your public relations event, email rdpsqualitydevelopment@durham.ca.