Helicopter Landing Zone Safety

05 Apr Helicopter Landing Zone Safety

Ornge, Ontario’s provider of air ambulance and related services, recently launched a new landing zone safety video for first responders and healthcare providers in Ontario. The video was created to ensure the safety of first responders, crew, patients and the public when interacting with an Ornge helicopter.

The video highlights:

  • How first responders and healthcare providers can prepare themselves for an Ornge helicopter landing and departure;
  • Choosing, preparing and securing a suitable landing site;
  • Expectations for helicopter arrival and departure;
  • Approaching and leaving the helicopter;
  • Night operations;
  • Communication directly with the helicopter and flight crew.

The landing zone safety video is an important resource for first responders and healthcare providers in Ontario.  Ornge encourages all police, fire, paramedic services and essential healthcare providers to review the video with their staff frequently to ensure their safety around an Ornge helicopter.

In addition, Ornge has developed a Rotor Wing Aircraft Safety Sheet which can be printed and made available in all police, fire and paramedic vehicles and posted in high staff traffic staff areas.

Ornge would like to thank Durham Regional Police Service, Durham Regional Paramedic Service, Uxbridge Fire Department and the township of Uxbridge for their collaboration and participation in this safety video.