Job Listing | Deputy Chief/Associate Director EMS

Salary Range: $115,640 - $136,050
Location: Niagara, ON Organization: Niagara Emergency Medical Services

Job Type: Full-time
Expiration Date: July 02, 2020
Classification: Management

Job Description

Reporting to the Chief/Director EMS, the Deputy Chief/Associate Director EMS is responsible for ensuring the direction of communications and paramedic services to citizens and visitors to Niagara and operational support that includes business/financial administration, property/equipment management, quality assurance, training and information technology.

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EDUCATION: Post-secondary degree in Health Sciences field or equivalent combination of university, college and/or service related courses and seminars. Masters degree in Business is preferred. KNOWLEDGE: Minimum of 5 years experience in a senior management position in addition to a minimum of 3 years supervisory experience. Certification as a Primary or Advanced Care Paramedic as certified by the Niagara Regional Base Hospital Program OR Professional Certification as a Communications Centre Manager from the National/International Academies of Dispatch OR Bachelor of Business Administration/Commerce. Knowledge of the legislative acts, regulations and bodies that guide Emergency Medical Services, of the medical and emergency service partners in Niagara Region and of current health and emergency services issues in Ontario.EMS EMD – Quality Assurance is preferred.

Where To Apply

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