Job Listing | Primary Care Paramedic

Salary Range: $36.72 – $39.72 per hour
Location: Muskoka, ON Organization: Muskoka Paramedic Services

Job Type: Part-time
Expiration Date: November 24, 2021
Classification: Non-union

Job Description

Provides the effective assessment, treatment and transportation of patients to/ from medical and/ or other facilities throughout the District of Muskoka. The Paramedic is required to act in the capacity of either driver of the ambulance or attendant to the patient. See 'Download Job Listing PDF' for full details.

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Listing PDF


See 'Download Job Listing PDF'

Where To Apply

If you have the necessary skills, experience and qualifications, and can support our Vision and Values of RISE (Respect and Integrity, Innovative Leadership, Synergy and Experiences),please review the Paramedic Recruitment Package before submitting your application via the “How to Apply” link on our Website